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Life is learning. Experience both to the fullest through truth, wisdom and holistic living

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Holistic education requires the will to learn plus the strength to recognize and unlearn what stagnates you.


Whether it's nutrition, wellness, fitness or permaculture, wisdom is best gained through experience.


To guide you on your journey, we deliver weekly, engaging and inspiring podcasts for you to hear and share

Discover True Self !
If not now, when?

Grow with us, and overcome all that is stagnating your soul-body! 

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Who We Are

Meet Holistic Living Ministry staff

Repair of soul-body is Iosef's (pronounced Yo-Sef) focus for more than half a century through teaching, and the healing arts
Iosef Paanach
Repair Minister
Michael, a senior student of HLM, would be the first to admit that life is a learning journey, and his aim is to share that journey with others
Michael Arco
Recruitment Director
With a diverse background in business and spiritual studies, Nita lends her time to community outreach and online admin for HLM
Nita Johnson
Community Coordinator

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