About HLM

We are Holistic Living Ministry, a non-denominational, wholeness-based outreach organization. We are committed to teaching you how to repair yourself and help others, all based on a foundation of balanced living. Our world needs repair and all of us play a role in the process. Learn more about how Holistic Living Ministry can teach you to unlearn indoctrination and live in harmony with communinature (community + nature).

Holistic Living Ministry (HLM) arrived in 2004. HLM is a wisdom-sharing, forward-thinking ministry. HLM teachs disciplined, organized living to our growing family of members. HLM encourages members to expand their minds with thorough study and analytical investigation. HLM specially-trained instructors teach:

  • autonomy through community building, 
  • virtuosity of will through building community,
  •  freedom from all forms of bondage, 
  • self-repair of soul-body, 
  • empowering true self, 
  • reconciliation with the Originator, one another and nature, 
  • logical and critical reasoning, 
  • harnessing control of one’s emotions, 
  • preparation for after-life journeys to come. 

We teach by both learning about and unlearning principles to remove all that stagnates a soul-body from growing forward.

We at HLM respect natural law and we ask that all our members do too. Our primary directives are as follows:

  1. Respect Eternal Originator of all
  2. Respect Natural Order of nuclear family
  3. Protect self and community
  4. Harm no one unless in self-defense
  5. Respect self and other seekers
  6. Harbor no ill-intent
  7. Be prepared to humbly listen, learn or unlearn without emotional attachments
  8. Share the wisdom with other real wisdom seekers
HLM is supported through sponsors, private donors, public events, educational courses, speaking engagements, and through items which we sell from our online store.

We invite you to participate in discourse on social media, our HLM forum, as well as listen to our online broadcasts featuring a variety of inspirational guest Presenters.

To join us and become a member of Holistic Living Ministry organization, or part of HLM staff, contact us.  Indicate if your purpose is to become a member of HLM or become part of HLM ministry.


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We focus on virtuous wisdom and wholesome growth

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