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Greetings visitors and members. Welcome to our new website. Our first website launched in 2009 with a basic landing page, but it got the job done as far as letting visitors know how to contact us. In 2011 our volunteer web designer used CMS to create a basic site that offered visitors a way to make contact but more importantly to buy organic teas from our shop. browsers and devices. We appreciate the help of our new web developer, Jason Daniels. you can find more about and contact him for hire on our About page.

For the latter part of 2019, we have already confirmed 4 broadcasts–hopefully more to follow–with Pharoh of 

What is to come


Original HLM website from 2009

Our improved site will offer easier navigation, broadcast archives, news blog, and an online store, featuring organic health related products and books. We consolidated our news and blog sections together so now you can find event listings, announcements and articles all in one place. Searching for an article or topic will be faster and easier with our Category-TAG-friendly search feature. Look up topics by category, tag words, and or date. If it helps in the growth process, we just might make it part of our website portal. Please feel free to comment, critique or congratulate using the comment feature below.